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Hacienda de Apulco

The Hacienda of Apulco, in the municipio of Tuxcacuesco, on its border with Tonaya and San Gabriel, was constructed by Carlos Vizcaíno in 1884.

Carlos Vizcaino   Vicente Vizcaino
Carlos Vizcaíno   Vicente Vizcaíno

In May 1915 Carlos Vizcaíno and his son, Vicente, issued notes in three values.

H Apulco 20c

H Apulco 20c reverse

H Apulco 50c

H Apulco 50c reverse

H Apulco 1

H Apulco 1 reverse

  date on note series from to total
20c 15 May 1915 A         includes numbers 2156 to 39[   ]
50c 15 May 1915 A         includes number 560
$1 15 May 1915 A         includes number 67


Carlos Vizcaíno died in 1917 and the hacienda passed to his widow, Tiburcia Arias, and his son Vicente Vizcaínoinformation from “Billetes emitidos por el abuelo y tío maternos de Juan Rulfo para San Gabriel, Jalisco y la Hacienda de Apulco” by Ignacio de Jesús Sánchez Montes in Boletín Numismático, April- June 2018.


Hacienda del Valle Florido

  date on note to from total
$1 26 April 1915         includes number 374


This was printed in red and green on cream paper, with a handwritten date and signature.

J. Trinidad Ochoa sig Trinidad Ochoa


Unión de Tula

Hacienda San Clemente

At the end of the 19th century San Clemente was in the hands of the Palomar y Corcuera family. Concepción Loyzaga y Corcuera de Palomar, niece of Manuel Luna and married to Agustín Palomar García Sancho, was owner of the estate.

These cartones were modelo 5162, produced on 16 June 1916.

H San Clemente 10c

H San Clemente 10c reverse

H San Clemente 20c

H San Clemente 100c

H San Clemente 100c reverse

5c 1,000 $    50.00 round blue cartón
10c 1,000 100.00 round pink cartón
20c 1,000 200.00 round green cartón
50c 500 250.00 round orange cartón
$1 500 500.00 round yellow cartón
  4,000 $1,100.00  

Hacienda Santa Rosa

José Santa Maria

  series from to total
$1 O         includes number [81]


Zapotiltic is a town just 15 kilometres south-east of Ciudad Guzmán.

Hacienda El Rincón

The hacienda El Rincón was founded in 1895 by Severo Gómez Vizcaíno and Carlota Gómez Adame. It was a little over 7,000 hectares and employed more than 200 workers in producing sugar cane. The hacienda was drastically reduced after the revolution and now has only 120 hectares.

In 1915 the widow Carlota Gómez issued cheques signed by her Administrador, Adrian Cordero.

H El Rincon 1

  date on note from to total
50c 7 July 1915         includes number 194
$1 7 July 1915         includes number 2860


Adrian Cordero  


Strangely, although these are identical to the Hacienda El Limón cheques they were printed by the Litográfia Loreto y Castillo of Guadalajara, rather than the Litográfia Industrial.