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Resellos on dos caritas - southern Mexico


On 27 August 1915 governor José Inés Dávila decreed, inter alia, that certain issues already circulating in the state should be legal circulation, provided they were revalidated in accordance with his decree. These were to be of forced circulation but only for denominations up to twenty pesos: denominations about twenty pesos would only be of forced circulation in transactions above five hundred pesos. Holders were given fifteen working days to have their notes revalidated in the Jefatura de Hacienda or Tesorería General in the state capital and in the Recaudaciones de Contribuciones in the districts. After that time notes without revalidation would cease to have legal circulation in the state.

The designated issues included the dos caritasPeriódico Oficial, 28 August 1915.

It is suggested that the thirty seals used were of a red rose design.

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Southern Mexico

On 1 December 1915 American agents in El Paso seized three trunks and a small suitcase containing several million pesos of Villista money. The trunks had been shipped from New Orleans by the Villista general Felipe Dussart, who had been arrested there for breaching the neutrality laws. Apparently, Dussart had taken the money to the south of Mexico in an attempt to stir up rebellion but, having failed, had returned the money to the States to be placed in an El Paso bankPrensa, 3 December 1915; SD papers, 812.5157/109 report by Zacary Cobb, El Paso to Secretary of State, 30 November 1915