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Counterfeit $5 sábanas Types 6 - 7

Counterfeit $5 sábanas Type 6

This was mentioned in December 1914Boletín Militar, Guadalajara, 11 December 1914.

'Gobernador del Estado' 'Gobernor del Estado'

Counterfeit $5 sábanas Type 7

Finally the notice from Parral of November 1914 list certain other characteristics.

  Paper is very much thinner
  Serial numbers are a more vivid red (rojo mas subido)
  Brown dots of background are imperfect
The small horizontal shading in the brown words 'CINCO PESOS' leave a small margin on the right shading does not leave a small margin the right
  'Gobernador Provisional del Estado' is in different size and typeface
  Differences in the small spaces in the background of dot, particularly noticeable in the area above the brown 'CINCO PESOS'