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Dolores Hidalgo

The Tesorería Municipal, with the authorisation of the state government, issued $10,000 in notes. This was guaranteed by a deposit of $8,995 (the other $1,005 being used in the cost of materials and printing)AHEG, Fondo Secretario de Gobierno, Secciones de Gobierno, Primer Departamento, 1915, caja 9, informe of Gilberto M. Navarro, 24 January 1916.

Dolores Hidalgo 50c

  series to from total
5c A 1
50,000 $  2,500  
10c A 1
25,000 2,500 includes numbers 461 and 1360CNBanxico #11008
25c A 1
10,000 2,500 includes number 2309
50c A 1
5,000 2,500 includes number 3893
          $ 10,000  


Dick Long in his November 1974 auction also offered a different 5c note[image needed] which he described as "Entirely different design but same legends on obverse, violet, black on white, 30x51mm". 

The 25c signed by the Presidente Municipal, Tesorero and Secretario.

Ausencio Ramírez

Ramírez was appointed Presidente Municipal on I July 1916AHEG, Fondo Secretario de Gobierno, Secciones de Gobierno, Primer Departamento, 1915, caja 9.


sig Dolores PM
Gregorio Guerrero
sig Dolores Secretario
[identification needed]  sig Dolores Tesorero


Another series (25c) which might not have been used.


There were two issue, the first probably dating to autumn 1915, and we know of four values (2c, 5c, 10c and 20c) .

The first issue was, by the Ayuntamiento’s own admission, small. By May 1916 most of it had been destroyed and there were again problems making change so the Junta de Administración Civil took advantage of a visit by José Siurob, the governor and military commander of the state, on 4 May, to ask for authorisation for a new issue. Siurob agreed to a new issue, similar in size to the former and using the same funds that had been deposited to guarantee the earlier issueAHMI, Actas de Ayuntamiento, libro 1.

  to from total
5c         includes numbers 8010 to 18416
10c         includes number 0252 to 124[  ]
20c         includes numbers 43[ ]0 to 11615CNBanxico #4147