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The Hidalgo Copper Mining & Smelting Company

This company was located in Zimapán, 122 kilometres north-west of Pachuca and 144 kilometres east of Querétaro. All the notes are from June 1915.

copper 5c

copper 5c reverse

copper 10c

copper 10c reverse

copper 20c

copper 20c reverse

copper 25c orange

copper 25c orange reverse

copper 25c white

copper 25c white reverse

copper 50c white

copper 50c white reverse

copper 50c orange

copper 50c orange reverse

copper 1

copper 1 reverse

copper 2

copper 2 reverse

copper 5

copper 5 reverse

  Series from to total
5c           includes numbers 9666CNBanxico #4438 to 10704CNBanxico #11267
10c           includes numbers 4846 to 12384CNBanxico #4439
20c           includes numbers 6210CNBanxico #4440 to 10294CNBanxico #11269
25c           includes numbers 809CNBanxico #44428 to 16881CNBanxico #4441
50c           includes numbers 3394CNBanxico #4443 to 15002 
$1 B.U.L.         includes number 5958CNBanxico #11272
B.V.C.         includes numbers 9396CNBanxico #11273 to 10227
$2 K.I.D.         includes numbers 5524CNBanxico #4445 to 6996CNBanxico #11274
$5 X.Y.Z.         includes numbers 3234CNBanxico #4446 to 4919CNBanxico #11275


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vale 1c

vale 2c

vale 3c

vale 4c

vale 4c reverse

vale 5c

vale 20c