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Gobierno Provisional de México notes used in Yucatán

Notes issued in Mexico City

On 9 July 1915 the Carrancista Secretaría de Hacienda issued its circular núm. 31 which listed the serial numbers of the $5, $50 and $100 Gobierno Provisional de México notes that were valid, with all higher numbers being null and void. It later announced that new Veracruz notes would be issued to replace the low number Mexico City notes.

This news caused alarm and reluctance to accept notes in Yucatán, as in other parts of the country. So on 1 September Salvador Alvarado issued a notice reminding the public which serial numbers were to be accepted and saying that, if the public continued to refuse these notes, he would take further action. Although these notes were to be exchanged as yet the new notes to replace them had not arrived.

Notes issued in Veracruz

GPV 2 G 5463487

GPV 2 G 5463487 reverse

GPV 10 C 1417381

GPV 10 C 1417381 reverse

GPV 20 D 2399012

GPV 20 D 2399012 reverse

GPV 50 E 24656

GPV 50 E 24656 reverse

GPV 50 E 24656

GPV 50 E 24656 reverse

GPV 100 F 73841

GPV 100 F 73841 reverse