Signatories of the Banco de Aguascalientes


Vicente Mercado was Interventor from the founding of the bank until 11 December 1903.

On 9 June 1902 Mercado wrote to Secretario Limantour about the position of interventor with his resume and references. In 1876 at the age of thirteen he had started working in a smelter, before moving to another business of the same owner. From July 1886 to January 1896 he worked for a casa commercial, and then moved on to manage a respectable French-owned business. Finally he could afford to set up on his own but was unable to make a success, so asked for this government postCEHM, Fondo CDLIV Colección José Y. Limantour, 2a. 1902, carpeta 18, legajo 119.

sig Mercado

SagredoCarlos Sagredo took over as Interventor on 11 December 1903 and served until his death in December 1907CEHM, Fondo CDLIV Colección José Y. Limantour, 2a. 1907, carpeta 7, legajo 29.

Carlos and his brother Rafael owned a haberdashery, furniture and hardware store in the centre of town. Carlos was a local deputy, and then served as state governor from 1899 to 1903 and was instrumental in developing the capital.

Carlos Sagredo signed some notes as Consejero.

sig Sagredo
Felipe Ruiz Chávez sig Chavez


H. Koenige sig Kamige
R. Dickmann sig Sikmann
P. E. Stahlknecht sig Chermicht
Manuel M. Villalobos sig Gerente u
Pedro Porto sig Porto
G. Rochelt was manager in 1905. sig Rochelt


Camilo Vallejo sig Vallejo
Gulliermo R. Peterson  sig Peterson
Francisco Armería sig Consejero f
Enrique C. Osorio sig Durman
Luis Barrón owned the enormous Hacienda Pabellón in Rincón de Romos. He served as a deputy alongside Sagredo, was secretry of the Compañía Eléctrica de Aguascalientes in 1905. sig Barron
Eduardo Meade sig E Meade
Eugenio Léautaud sig Lianstard
Francisco M. Bernal sig Bernal
Walter (Walterio) Eikel sig Erne
F. E. Ortiz  
Felipe Torres sig Torres
Genaro Meade sig G Meade
Eduardo Ramírez Adame  

Carlos Sagredo

sig Sagredo
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