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Jorge Ibs was one of the principal businessmen involved in the Tijuana tourist trade who from 1886 owned curio shops, cantinas and other establishments. Curio shops, selling sombreros, silver jewelry, Mexican flags, postcards and other articles, formed one of Tijuana’s principal businesses and Ibs ran the Big Curio Store.

Incidentally, in 1911, C.R. Anguisola, an employee of the curio shop belonging to Jorge Ibs and Alejandro Savín, had cut a deal with the Magonista commander, Caryl Ap Rhys Pryce whereby, in return for allowing the shop to stay open, the Liberals received 50 per cent of the profits to be used in their war effortThomas C. Langham, Border Trials: Ricardo Flores Magon and the Mexican Liberals ,El Paso, Tex., Texas Western Press, University of Texas at El Paso, 1981, p.40-41.

Ibs 10c

Ins 10c reverse

The only known issue from Baja California Norte is this 10c from Jorge Ibs, dated 7 September 1914.