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The Carrancistas

On 24 June 1915 the Presidente Municipal of La Paz, ordered that any payment of taxes should be 50% in notes of the Gobierno Provisional de México and the Brigada de Sinaloa and the rest in local issues (los de circulación de esta plaza)ABCS, Gobernación, vol. 648bis, 4/4 D/S oficio núm. 46, 24 June 1915.

When the Carrancista Urbano Angulo took over as jefe politíco on 7 July 1915, he ordered that the paper currency used in the district should be the Carrancista Ejército Constitucionalista de México issue. However, this caused difficulties as businesses and individuals mostly held other issues such as the Monclova, dos caritas, Brigada de Sinaloa, Estado de Sonora and Cornejo, so he decided to allow those that had been validated with the resello of the Jefatura Política or Presidente Municipal, with the exception of the Villista issues (i.e. the Estado de Sonora and the dos caritas).

On 10 July it was decreed that notes revalidated by the Comandancia Militar were of obligatory acceptance in local transactions, but on 2 August a further decree suspended their circulation, leaving the Ejército Constitucionalista de México notes in circulation.

So we might expect a selection of validations but in fact these are rare, with the legend “REPUBLICA MEXICANA, LA PAZ, B. C.” known on the Ejército Constitucionalista issue (which was probably applied during Ortega's regime).

On 5 October 1915 the Comandante Militar, J. L. Yagomín, published a notice in response to repeated rumours that the Mexico Gobierno Provisional notes had been withdrawn. He has asked the Cuartel General of the 3a. División del Noroeste, about the validity of certain issues, which were presumably in circulation in the district, namely the Estado de Sinaloa, Durango and Ejército del Noroeste” and was told that the issues in forced circulation were the Veracruz Gobierno Provisional, the 31 December issue from Durango, and all the notes of the Ejército del Noroeste, Brigada de Sinaloa and Estado de Sinaloa. He repeated Carranza’s decree on the withdrawal of Mexico Gobierno Provisional notesABCS, Gobernación, vol. 640bis, exp. 63.

The same day he added a notice that the Ejercito Constitucionalista notes continued to be of forced circulation and punished payment in banknotes.

In La Paz the period given in the circular núm. 48 for handing in Chihuahua notes was proroged until February 1916.

On 12 April 1916 Miguel Andrade, the Oficial Mayor, published Carranza's instructions for dealing with establishments that closed up because of the depreciation of the currency. Two days, from Santa Rosalía, Urbano had a printed notice produced, though either intentionally or unintentionally he missed out part of the text that stated that Presidentes Municipales could sell the goods that they confiscated.