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Private issues (El Triunfo)

El Triunfo

On 10 April Ortega asked the Presidentes Municipales of Todos Santos, Santiago, San José del Cabo and  El Triunfo what quantities of vales for 5c, 10, 20c and 50c each businessman neededABCS, Gobernación, vol. 648, exp. 106. El Triunfo replied with the following request

Sixto M Aramburo $100.00  
Felix González 10.00  
Carlos Arámburo 50.00  
Felipe J Estrada 20.00  
Juan Prancalari  25.00  
Han Liy y Ca 50.00  
Ramón Moyrón 30.00  
Antonio R Amador 10.00  
Octavíano Nolasco 20.00  
Tranquilina de Mendoza 10.00  
Juan Ojeda 50.00  
Juan B. Cota 10.00  
Ygnacio Verdugo 50.00  
Placido Cota 25.00 $460.00

Francisco G Cota already had enough moneyABCS, Gobernación, vol. 648, exp. 106.

On 14 April La Paz told the Subprefecto Político, Francisco Ramos, that if decree núm 7 had been complied with, paper currency would not be in the public’s hands. It should insist that employers paid workers with currency in general circulation, and that merchants did not give local vales as change but kept them to exchange for bonos of the Jefatura Política. Businesses could make provisional handwritten vales of five, ten and twenty centavos for change, subject to printing and validating them properly. In this way it should stop the circulation of local valesABCS, Gobernación, vol. 648, exp. 106. On the same day in another telegram Ortega confirmed his earlier message and ordered the Subprefecto Político to let his office know the number of local vales in the hands of the poor. The next day he would send bonos for businesses to exchange for vales of the JefaturaABCS, Gobernación, vol. 648, exp. 106

On 20 April the following had asked for bonos, with deposits in the SubprefecturaABCS, Gobernación, vol. 647 2.2, exp. 38 

Carlos Mendosa de San Antonio $200.00
Magdalena Aguilar 15.00
Octaviano Holasco 80.00
Antonio Maria Cota 76.00

and on 21 AprilABCS, Gobernación, vol. 647 2.2, exp. 38

Adela de Orantes $15.00
Antonio Romero 105.00
Félix Ojéda 25.00
Manuel Gutiérrez  40.00

On 23 April La Paz sent the $1,355.00 in bonos to cover

Adela de Orantes $15.00  
Antonio Romero   105.00  
Félix Ojéda  125.00  
Manuel Gutiérrez  40.00  
Carlos Mendosa de San Antonio   200.00  
Magdalena Aguilar 15.00  
Octaviano Holasco 80.00  
Antonio Maria Cota   75.00 $655.00
For discretionary exchange    700.00
    $1,355.00ABCS, Gobernación, vol. 647 2.2, exp. 38

On 23 April the Subprefecto Político, F. Ramos, reported that the following had asked for authorisation to issue vales of 5c, 10c and 20c.

Ignacio Verdugo $40.00  
Francisco G Cota 35.00  
Ramon Mayron 40.00  
Han Ley y Compañía   40.00  
Juan Cota 15.00  
Juan y Carlos Ojeda  50.00  
Felipe Estrada  10.00  
Antonio Orantes 20.00  
Julio Mendoza 40.00  
Juan Bancalari  15.00  
Sixto M. Aramburo (Carniceria) 40.00  
Placido Cota 40.00 $385.00ABCS, Gobernación, vol. 647 2.2, exp. 38

On 8 May the government printers sent the Jefatura Política $500 in notes issued by the Sanjudines (sic) Reduction Co., in accordance with the 31 March agreementABCS, Gobernación, vol. 642, exp. 150. The Sanjuanes (or San Juanes) reduction mill was located in San Antonio. These comprised

    from to total
San Juanes Reduction Co.    5c     1,000 $  50.00  
10c     1,500 150.00
20c     1,000 200.00
50c     200 100.00


The plant would have been closed by this time, so the notes were for local commerce rather than paying wages.

On 20 May the government printing office (Imprenta del Gobierno) sent details of the vales it had printedABCS, Gobernación, vol. 642, exp. 150 letter F M González, Director to Secretario of Jefatura Política, 20 May 1915. They included for El Trunfo and San Antonio

Sixto M. Arámburo $200.00
Antonio Ma. Cota 200.00
The Sanjuanes Reduction Co 500.00

The catalogues list but do not illustrate a 5c vale from Sixto M. Aramburu 5c, dated June 1915.

On 22 January 1916 the Presidente Municipal of Triunfo, F. G. Cota, reported that Sixto M Arámburo and Carlos (Charles) Benton had asked for authorisation to print vales, the first for $500 and the second for $1,000. They would be backed by bank notes ABCS, Gobernación, vol. 658 2/2, exp.190. He was told he could authorise each to issue $250, fully guaranteed, of merely local circulation, and valid for 90 days ABCS, Gobernación, vol. 658 2/2, exp.190. Charles Benton then telegraphed Angulo that $250 was not enough and asked if they could validate the $1,000 that he had had printed ABCS, Gobernación, vol. 658 2/2, exp.190.He was asked to send an example of his vales to the Comandancia Militar, and to provide the Tesorería Municipal with $1,000 in banknotes ABCS, Gobernación, vol. 658 2/2, exp.190.