Advertisements on Chihuahua notes - Miscellaneous

In June 1915 El Paso’s delegation to the Adclub convention at Chicago distributed large amounts of advertising features, including 1,000 pesos of new Villa currencyEl Paso Herald, 16 June 1915. At a Press Association meeting in October 1915 G. H. Clements, El Paso publicity director of the chamber of commerce, presented an outlined program of entertainment and distributed booklets and several thousand pesos of Villa currency as souvenirsEl Paso Herald, 18 October 1915. In January 1916 El Paso delegates to the Overland Dealers excursion planned to distribute Villa currency as souvenirs. One money broker had given the automobile editor of The Herald an option on 500,000 pesos at a very low rateEl Paso Herald, 13 January 1916.

El Paso Medical Society

El Paso County Medical Society

'Barbecue And Smoker El Paso County Medical Society July 15, 1916', known on $5 dos caritas

El Paso

Advert El Paso Gateway

'El Paso, Texas / GATE WAY TO MEXICO'. known on $20 dos caritas

Texas Grand Grecian Theatre, Hotel Paso del Norte

advert Surdam

Compliments of / H. E. VAN SURDAM / Musical Director / Hotel Paso del Norte Texas Grand / Grecian Theatre / EL PASO, TEXAS, known on $1 dos caritas

National Convention

Advert National Convention


Loew's Theatre

Advert Loews Theatre

'YOU TOO CAN WIN PLENTY OF MONEY!/Learn to pick eight straight winners/See/”IT HAPPENED TOMORROW”/STARRING/Dick Powell . Linda Darnell . Jack Ockie/plus “HEY ROOKIE”/NOW – Loew’s Theatre - NOW', known on $5 Banco del Estado

Loews Theatres, founded in 1904 by Marcus Loew, was the oldest theatre chain operating in North America until it merged with AMC Theatres in 2006. From 1924 until 1959, it was also the parent company of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios. Loew's theatres were found in cities from coast to coast, but primarily in East Coast and Midwest states.

'It Happened Tomorrow' is a 1944 fantasy film starring Dick Powell, Linda Darnell and Jack Oakie, which was nominated for two Oscars. Powell plays a reporter who is given, by a ghostly deceased newspaper man, a newspaper that has tomorrow's news. He uses the paper to write stories and get the 'scoop' on other newspaper men. In addition, he uses the power to bet on horses he know will win and gains considerable wealth. He and new girlfriend Sylvia enjoy the power for a while until the paper predicts his own death.

El Maida Temple, El Paso

advert El Maida

'Bring this MONEY to / El Paso, Texas / El Maida Temple Will Cash It. / Sam Freudenthal / John Wyatt / Bob Page / BUFFALO, 1916 Representatives', known on $5 dos caritas.

This counterfeit $5 note with its overprint will have been given away by members of the El Maida Shriners at the imperial shrine council in Buffalo, New York, in July 1916. According to an El Paso newspaper El Paso Herald, 7 July 1916 because of the uncertain conditions prevailing in El Paso, the trip of the El Maida patrol company to Buffalo was called off, but the shrine was represented by past potentates Samuel J. Freudenthal and John M. WyattFreudental was potentate in 1913, and Wyatt in 1909. Other potentates included mayor Thomas C. Lea in 1912 and Sol I. Berg in 1916 and high priest and prophet Robert W. Page.

Mammy´s Delicious Seasoning

advert mammys

'MAMMY’s Delicious Seasoning', etc., known on $20 Banco del Estado

Américo Montemayor

 Americo Montemayor

'Américo MONTEMAYOR / Para Presidente Municipal de / Cadereyta Jiménez, N. L. / VOTA POR EL', known on $5 dos caritas

Américo Montemayor Garza was Presidente of Cadareyta Jiménez, Nuevo León in 1970-71 and 1980-82

C. E. Pollock

advert Pollock

'C. E. POLLOCK, El Paso, Texas, June 11, 1918', known on $10 and $20 dos caritas

Pollock at deskCharles E. Pollock was El Paso's Chief of Police from 11 October 1917 to 9 January 1919.






Radio XEC

Radio XEC

'Radio Statio XEC, Juarez, Mexico / 5000 Watts 750 Kcls / "The voice of Mexico" known on $20 dos caritas.

Juan Sáenz Avalos

advert Avalos

'AL SON DE LAS "MAÑANITAS", POR "CAPRICHO" / Y "SOBRE LAS OLAS" DE LAS APACIBLES AGUAS / DEL "DANUBIO AZUL" DEDICO EN EL "SECRETO / ETERNO" MI "RECUERDO" DE AÑO NUEVO. / Juan Sáenz Avalos / Director de "El Alacrán" / Enero 1958 Cd. Juarez, Chih.' known on $5 dos caritas

At the sound of the Mañanitas (a traditional birthday song), on a whim and on the placid waters of the Blue Danube I dedicate in the eternal secret my memory of the New Year.

Tri-State Convention

Tri State Convention

'TRI-STATE CONVENTION / DRUGGISTS OF TEXAS - ARIZONA - NEW MEXICO / JUNE 14-15-16-17', known on $10 dos caritas

El Zaribah

Vic Hanny

'EL ZARIBAH (in Masonic device)/VIC E. HANNY/REPRESENTATIVE/ PHOENIX, ARIZONA', known on $5 dos caritas

advert zaribah 

'EL ZARIBAH TEMPLE / Phoenix, Arizona / 1921 / Potentate / Vic Hanney / Representatives / Shirley Christy / Jack Sweeney / Henry Morgan', known on $20 dos caritas

Shriners are members of the Masonic Order. In 1896 a group of Masons was issued a dispensation to form the nucleus of a new Shrine Temple and on 24 June a charter was issued to El Zaribah Shrine Temple in an area identified as the Arizona Territory During its early years El Zaribah operated out of the Berryhill Building, located near First Street and East Washington, Phoenix but on 22 February 1921.

On February 22, 1921 a new Shrine Temple was dedicated. at 15th Avenue and Washington. Vic E. Hanny was the Potentate at that time.

Hanny, whose slogan was "If you don't know Vic Hanny you ought to," ran one of the best known and most popular men's clothing and furnishing stores in Arizona. All his prosperity he attributed to advertising, and “not a week passes that he does not let the people hear something about Vic Hanny, who sells furnishings and clothes for men”.

Another claim to fame was that, as a leading Republican, he was one of President McKinley's party when the President was shot.

本 色 書 生

Dos 5 H 3038961 reverse

 This stamp, in a very traditional calligraphic style, literally translates as 'original colour book person/student'  and appears to refer to 'somebody who tries to understand and appreciate the original meaning of text or bookstranslation thanks to my neighbour Yin.