The dos caritas

Because the sábanas were being counterfeited and people were reluctant to handle them the Villistas recognised the need for a more sophisticated issue. These so-called dos caritas bear the portraits of the martyred Francisco Madero and Abraham González on the face and a view of the Government Palace in Chihuahua on the reverse. They were supposedly authorised by a military decree dated 10 February 1914 though no record of the decree remainsOn 26 November 1929 the U. S. State Department asked the consul in Chihuahua to obtain copies of any paper money decrees of the state for the use of the Agent of the United States before the General and Special Claims Commission, United States and Mexico. A search of the files of the office of the State Governor failed to reveal this decree or any reference to it (SD papers, 812.515/35 report American consul, Chihuahua to State Department, 16 December 1929.