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50c dos caritas

For the fifty centavos, all of which are Series U, the sequence was:

Maverick-Clarke printing

dos 50c U 0300

dos 50c U 0300 reverse

500,000 notes printed by Maverick Clarke and dispatched on 8 May 1914. These had a round black/green Tesorería seal (applied at the same pass as Vargas’ and Muñoz’ signatures), and scalloped red Ejército Constitucionalista seal and red vertical Type 1 control letters, all on the face of the note.

The control letters are B-I; J-II; G-III; U-IV; E-V; L-VI; A-VII; T-VIII; A-IX; O-XB(enito) J(uárez), the Mexican patriot, was born in San Pablo Guelatao, Oaxaca, with each control on 50,000 notes.

These notes have larger printed signatures of Treasurer Vargas and Interventor Muñoz than the later 50c and the serial numbers are printed in a [ ] font, whereas the later issues were numbered in a [ ] font.

First Norris Peters printing

dos 50c U 783769

dos 50c U 783769 reverse

1,000,000 notes printed by Norris Peters under the 18 July 1914 contract and dispatched on 30 September 1914. The 50c notes were the last to be printed, with the plates ready by 1 September. On 27 August R. E. Navarro had sent a telegram to Ignacio Perchez Enríquez in Ciudad Juárez, asking permission to move Vargas’ signature to the left to make a better fitLG papers, 6-A-16, telegram from Navarro to Perchez Enríquez, Ciudad Juárez. 27 August 1914. By 1 September Navarro had still not received a response and so ordered that it should be reduced a little instead. They were then ready to start workLG papers, 6-A-21, report Navarro, Washington, to L. de la Garza, El Paso. 1 September.

These were Series U, 500001 to 1500000 and had a circular red Tesorería seal and serif Type 3 control letters on the back (slight change in font between F- and G-). Apart from J- the controls are pseudo-Roman numbers.


Second Norris Peters printing

1,000,000 notes printed by Norris Peters under the 8 October 1914 contract and dispatched on 15 December 1914. These were Series U, 1500001 to 2500000 and had a scalloped red Tesorería seal and sans-serif Type 5 or Type 6 control letters on the back.

Third Norris Peters printing

3,000,000 notes printed by Norris Peters under the 16 November 1914 contract and dispatched in three consignments. 562,000 notes (Series U, 2500001 to 3062000) were sent with the earlier 1,000,000 notes on 15 December and 238,000 notes (Series U, 3062001 to 3300000) on 26 December 1914. These also had a red scalloped Tesorería seal and share the following sans-serif Type 5 or Type 6 control letters.

dos 50c U 2839178 reverse

  V-NP Y-VUP Z-YPM      


At least some were printed with Type 6v vertical letters.

dos 50c U 2504960 reverse


Fourth Norris Peters printing

The final 2,200,000 notes of this order (Series U, 3300001 to 5500000) were dispatched on 9 February 1915actually $1,098,000 (2,196,000 notes) LG papers, 3-J-4 telegram N. M. Sanchez, Washington, to de la Garza, El Paso, 9 February 1915. These were held up at the Express office in El Paso/Ciudad Juárez and finally forwarded on 17 MarchLG papers, 3-H-11, letter from de la Garza, El Paso, to Vargas, Chihuahua, 15 February 1915: 3-H-35 telegram S. C. de la Garza, Ciudad Juárez, to S. Vargas, Chihuahua, 17 March 1915: 3-H-36: letter S. Vargas, Chihuahua, to S. C. de la Garza, Ciudad Juárez, 20 March 1915 . Most of these later issues had scalloped red Tesorería seal and horizontal Type 8 sans-serif letters and the date (ranging from 1 April to 1 June 1915) on the back

dos 50c U 3781175 reverse

4-1-15 XPW-K YQX-L FBP-M LUZ-N    
4-12-15 NPL-O          
4-20-15 FIN-P TAL-Q CON-R ULE-S    
5-1-15 RZM-T PER-U        
5-10-15 ZOY-V SOY-W RAY-X      
5-20-15 FAN-Y SAU-Z CAR-L      


Some were printed with Type 6v vertical sans-serif letters (?)



or with Type 8v vertical sans-serif letters and date

dos 50c U 4798802 reverse

4-1-15 XPW-K          
5-1-15 RZM-T          
6-1-15 TAU-J          


The February 1916 report to the Carrancista government, which only listed the Maverick-Clarke issues, states that they began to overstamp the 50c notes on 11 May 1915 and finished on 25 June 1915AGN, Fondo Gobernación Periodo Revolucionario, caja 61, exp 24.