Counterfeit $10 sábanas Type 2



The Parral counterfeit Series A had the following characteristics:



SERIE A larger
Numbers stamped in red ink Number stamped in pink (solferino carmesí)


'Gral Francisco Villa' in smaller type
'F' of 'Francisco' has a simple crossbar


'F' has a downstroke


'V' of 'Villa' is a Roman letter


'V' is manuscript letter
decoration around ‘Diez Pesos’ has a point in the centre


decoration has a little square
Corners lightly separated Corners more widely separated (bastante desprendidas)
Tesorería General seal at least 40mm in diameter Seal is 39½mm in diameter
Eagle touches circle
snake's jaws were noticeably open
Cactus trunk different and at its foot a knot tying the laurel branches
Eagle’s left wing and the left branch almost white


The December 1914 notice states that there are many counterfeit $10 issues, and that in the most common the characteristics were:

  'SERIE A' was bigger and in a different typeface
  printer’s imprint was more perfect and completely different

Counterfeit $10 sábanas Type 2a



On 12 April 1915 a Luis. G. Gámiz, in Guadalajara, wrote to the Provisional Governor to complain that he had accepted a $10 sábanas which had the red Jefatura de Hacienda, Jalisco resello. When he went to the Jefatura de Hacienda to get some other notes revalidated, they turned out to be counterfeits, and the officials asked him to show them any currency that he had that had already been restamped. He showed them the sábanas and they marked it ‘FALSO’ and wrote ‘nulo’ in red across the resello that they themselves had stamped. The note, A No No 52819, had a metal seal, though it seems to have been stamped rather than part of the printAJ, Hacienda 7-915 278371.

Rubber seal Steel seal