Counterfeit $5 sábanas Type 5



The characteristics from the other notice of December 1914 are:



letters 'O' of 'VALIDO AL PORTADOR POR' are incomplete with a twirl towards the centre


letters are closed and completely round


comma after 'Chihuahua'


no comma after 'Chihuahua' and full stop at end missing


'Gobernador Provisional del Estado'


'Gobernador Provisional del Estada'
full stop after 'Gobernador Provisional del Estado' missing



inkspot in front of the 'S' of Vargas'signature is much smaller



no full stops at end of 'Tesorero Gral del Estado' and in the 'M' of Chao's signature


One of the notes with 'Estada' (Series B 4291) was marked 'COUNTERFEIT SOLD FOR SOUVENIR'