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Banco de la Laguna drawn on the Banco de Coahuila

The first series was dated 7 October 1913.

Known with FALSO overprint

A $50 note was added later.

Laguna on Coahuila 50

Date on note Denom Series from to total
7 October 1913 $1 A         includes numbers 1878 to 16691CNBanxico #124
$5 A         includes number 988CNBanxico #129 to to 10000CNBanxico #10169
$10 A         includes numbers 621 to 5239
$20 A         includes numbers 2478CNBanxico #10171 to 4505CNBanxico #10172
18 December 1913 $50 A         includes numbers 265 to 3888CNBanxico #10173


Obviously this issue was insufficient as a second issue was made, dated 5 January 1914. The three lower values ($1, $2 and $5) and the $50 note were again printed by the Tipografia C. Montauriol, of Torreón, but another $5 note and a $10 and $20 note, all with a slightly different typeface, were produced by the Tipografia S. de la Pena in Saltillo.

Laguna on Coahuila 10 2 B

Laguna on Coahuila 10 2 B reverse

Laguna on Coahuila 20 B

Laguna on Coahuila 50 B

A report dated 31 August 1914AMS, fondo Presidencia Municipal, caja 157/1, legajo 34, exp. 7. The report gives details for the final denomination as $50 rather than $20 gives the following incomplete details for this second series:

Date on note Denom Series from to total
5 January 1914 $1 B 1 50000 50,000 $50,000 includes numbers 1138 to 11882CNBanxico #10174
$2 B 1 25000 25,000 50,000 includes numbers 5239CNBanxico #126 to 22748 
$5 B 1 10000 10,000 50,000 TIP. C. MONTAURIOL
includes numbers 3821 to 8508CNBanxico #10177 
10001       TIP. S. DE LA PENA
includes number 11045CNBanxico #10176 to 29235
$10 B         includes numbers 3178CNBanxico #10178 to 8763CNBanxico #128
$20 B         includes number 2501CNBanxico #10179 to 3748 
$50 B 1 3000 3,000 150,000 includes number 125 


 The signatories are:

Ignacio Amador sig Blanquier
Jesús Briones sig Briones
Antonio Rangel was the bank's cajero since its foundation in 1907. sig Rangel


According to a newspaper article written thirty years later in 1914 the Banco de la Laguna issued $1,187,474 in cheques drawn on the Banco de Coahuila El Siglo de Torreón,11 October 1943.

The Siglo de Torreón article also mentions a terrible counterfeiting of these cheques and said that the Banco de la Laguna could easily identify the counterfeits because of the contraseñas it had placed on the notes before issue El Siglo de Torreón,11 October 1943. Presumably it was because of the existence of counterfeits that an additional overprint 'Bueno solamente con el sello del Banco y la firma en facsímile del Sub-Gerente', the stamp of the bank and the signature of Mauro de la Peña were applied to some notes.