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Counterfeit $50 notes

On 15 June 1915 Luis Pruneda, the Inspector at the government printing works, reported that his offices knew of one type of counterfeit $50 Monclova notesCEHM, Fondo XX1, carpeta 43, legajo 4641. However, bogus $50 notes had been mentioned in the Cinco de Mayo affairTucson Daily Citizen, 8 March 1914

  signatures lithoprinted
  smaller sized numerals in corners

and in the October 1914 newspaper report from Mexico CityEl Pueblo, 29 October 1914 and notice from the Secretaría de HaciendaThe Mexican Herald, 29 October 1914

  Escudero's signature smaller

Counterfeit $50 notes - Type 1


guilloche at top left and right has florette enclosed by frame line

no frame line

guilloche at bottom left and right is narrower

guilloche at bottom left and right is wider

line below 'VALE POR' has a dot in centre

no dot

number separated from 'No.'

number adjoining 'No.'

on reverse top frame has 24 scallops top frame has 23 scallops