Gobierno Provisional de México Mexico $1 notes

These were Series A and dated 20 October 1914. They have imprint 'MEXICO OFICINA DE GOBIERNO' title 'EL S. S. ENCARGADO DE LA SRIA. DE HACIENDA', underprint Type 1 and curved base '1's front and reverse.

The earlist notes (A 1 to A (1 a) 635000) were revalidated under the term of the 12 December decree. Later notes will have been overprinted before they were issued.

Date of issue Date on note Series from to Comment
19 October 1914The Mexican Herald, 20 October 1914  20 October 1914   A 1 1000000 Convention, acknowledged by Carranza
A (1 a) 1 635000
  A 1635001 3285000