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The Excelsior Shoe Factory

The Excelsior Shoe Factory (Fábrica de Calzado “Excelsior” y Anexas, S. A.) was located on the corner of present calles Benjamin Hill and Carlos B. Zetina (named after the man who founded Excelsior in 1902 who later became a senator, as well as presidential candidate) in the Tacubaya district of Mexico City.

It was a giant undertaking with, as its notes proclaim, a capital of $2,000,000. It issued a series of notes (1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c and 50c) dated 15 May 1914.

Excelsior 1c

  from to total
1c         includes numbers 1261 to 1656CNBanxico #10808
2c         includes number 2880
10c         includes number 10961
20c         includes number 13592
50c         includes number 16396