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Banco Minero drawn on the Banco Nacional de México


Date on note Denom Series from to total
 total value  
7 October 1913 $10 A         includes number 0925CNBanxico #10876


Again, these were signed by Francisco C. Terrazas and José [   ].

Francisco Creel Terrazas was subcajero of the Banco Minero in Chihuahua in 1905 to 1907 and was a regidor of the ayuntamiento of Chihuahua in 1907.

From 1907 he was manager of the Gómez Palacio branch. In 1911 he was elected to the board of the Banco de la LagunaEl Economista Mexicano, 29 April 1911.

On 11 May 1912 Terrazas (together with others, including the former cajero of the Banco Minero, Francisco de P. Venzor) was arrested in Gómez Palacio by the Torreón police, accused of corresponding with the rebel OrozcoEl Imparcial, 14 May 1912.

sig F Terrazas
José sig Jose