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Municipal issues

Estado de MexicoTemascaltepec

Administración de Rentas Municipales

Temascaltepec 5c

Temascaltepec 5c reverse

  series from to total
5c A         includes numbers 775 to 1057CNBanxico #4670


A 5c note from the Administración de Rentas Municipales, issued as a result of an agreement between the town council (ayuntaminto) and the Jefe de Armas made on 7 October 1914[text needed]. It has the two handstamps and the signatures of [       ] and Rodríguez Flores on the face and another handstamp and signature on the reverse.

 [identification needed] sig Temascaltepec 1
Rodríguez Flores sig Temascaltepec Flores
 [identification needed]  sig Temascaltepec 3


Tenango del Valle

Tenango del Valle is a town 25 kilometres south of Toluca. We have a series of notes (5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1 and $5) issued in 1915, by the Jefatura Política del Distrito.

Tenango 5c

Tenango 5c reverse

Tenango 10c

Tenango 10c reverse

Tenango 20c

Tenango 20c reverse

Tenango 50c

Tenango 50c reverse

Tenango 1

Tenango 1 reverse

Tenango 5

  from to total
5c 1       includes numbers 12CNBanxico #11460 to 63
10c  1       includes numbers 2 to 63CNBanxico #11461 
20c  1       includes numbers 53 to 120  
50c  1       includes numbers 49CNBanxico #4676 to 60  
$1  1       includes numbers 15 to 135CNBanxico #11464 
$5 1       includes number 8


Mineral de Oro

Oro Correo 5c

  series from to total
5c B         includes number 64


A 5c note dated 29 April 1915 from the Administración de Correos in El Oro.