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Estado de Mexico privates


Hacienda de S. Miguel Solís y Anexas

The Colonial Hacienda de San Miguel Solís is located about 18 km from the municipal seat. It has a natural spring of volcanically-heated water which forms a pool of water with a high mineral content.

This series of notes is signed by Domingo [   ] as Administrador and José Gutíerrez as Cajero. The 50c note is dated 4 October 1915 and for internal use only (BUENO SOLAMENTE COMO CONTRASEÑA PARA USO INTERIOR DE LA HACIENDA}.

Jorge A. Chaparro


1c, dated 25 April 1915, and 2c

Santiago Quintana

1c, dated 18 April 1915 and 2c dated 5 February 1915.


Tlalnepantla is on the outskirts of Mexico City.

Calleja Hermanos

5c, 10c and 20c, dated 20 May 1914

Tienda de San Javier

These are catalogued as "of unknown origin" but the Hacienda de San Javier was in the municipio of Tlalnepantla. Dated 2[ ] June 1915.


Cantina Alemana

5c and 20c


Francisco Pérez Carbajal

In August 1915 Eduardo Martínez wrote to the governor that in Sultepec, from Villa Allende to Almoloya (de Alquisiras), the casa of Francisco Pérez Carbajal held a monopoly in cereals, which it sold at double the price. It had hoarded all the small notes and cartones that were in circulation, leaving only the large notes. When someone offered a $5 note, they took it and did not give any change, but a vale so that the person had to shop for everything else there, at an extremely high price. These caciques were extorting the people, with the help of the presidente municipal, who was a shareholder in the casa comercial, and the Comandantes de la Plaza, who tolerated it as they are friendsAHEM, Serie Seguridad Pública, vol. 150, exp. 29 letter Eduardo Martínez, Sultepec, to Governor, 26 August 1915.


Bernardino Casteñada Escobar

10c and 20c