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Mineral de Pozos

The Compañía Minera de Angustias, Dolores y Anexas, S. A., which ran the smelter in Pozos, issue two series of notes to help with their payroll. They were addressed to a particular merchant and asked them to give the bearer a certain value of merchandise and to charge the company’s account.

Mineral Pozos 5c 1

Mineral Pozos 5c 1 reverse

Mineral Pozos 10c 1

Mineral Pozos 10c 1 reverse

Mineral Pozos 20c 1

Mineral Pozos 20c 1 reverse

Mineral Pozos 50c 2

Mineral Pozos 50c 2 reverse

Mineral Pozos 1 2

Mineral Pozos 1 2 reverse

  series date on note to from total
5c   18 June 1915         includes number 027166
10c   24 April 1915         includes number 26914
20c   20 March 1915         includes number 20518
50c   5 August 1916         includes numbers 21532 and 22103CNBanxico #11069
$1 A 20 July 1916         includes number 09522