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At least two series

  from to total
5c         includes numbers (26)53 to 8997
20c         includes number 01195


Another series (5c, 10c, 20c[image needed] and 50c[image needed]) labelled 'temporary (TRANSITORIO)'.

Iturbide 5c 1 reverse

Iturbide 10c 1 reverse


A series of 5c, 10c[image needed], 20c and 50c.

Jaral 50c


In July 1915 Julián Falcon, the sacristan of the San José de Gracia church, was appointed Jefe de Armas of León by General Fierro, on his way south. He lasted a week, during which time he formed the brigada "Falcón", circulated the Villista paper money and ordered the public offices to resume their work. Exactly eight days after taking possession of his post, the Constitutionalist forces of Generals Acosta and Novoa arrived: Falcón resisted, which caused a day of mourning, since more than 60 corpses were left lying in the streetsLa Noticia, León, Tomo I, Núm. 12, 23 January 1916.

The cartones date from a later period, under Carrancista control.

Leon 10c 2

Leon 10c 2 reverse

Leon 20c 2

 and permutations in design

  series date on note from to total
5c A           includes number 1537CNBanxico #11032
10c A           X
includes numbers 26033CNBanxico #11033 to  33387CNBanxico #4154
20c B           includes numbers 437 to 5834
24 September 1916         includes number 515CNBanxico #11034


Another set

  series date on note to from total
5c B [  ] October 1915         includes number 11954
25c A 22 November 1915         includes numbers 359 and 7602CNBanxico #11035
[  ] December 1915         includes number 12205CNBanxico #4155
50c C [  ] December 1915         includes number 1943
D           includes number 1407CNBanxico #4158
E 8 January 1916         includes number 23293CNBanxico #11036
F [  ] March 1916         includes number 1457CNBanxico #4156


An outlier

  series date on note to from total
50c A           includes numbers 1784CNBanxico #11037 to 2637


On 17 March 1916 the Presidente Municipal of León, in his list of notes of forced circulation, included the cartones de 5, 10, 20, 25 and 50 centavos issued by his municipalityLas Noticias, León, Tomo I, Núm. 27, 18 March 1916. By late May it was reported that storekeepers were discounting these cartones, when accepting them by payment, by 25% to 50%Las Noticias, León, Tomo I, Núm. 76, 25 May 1916.

$30,000 of fichas of 5c of the Ayuntamiento of León were changed in the Tesorería MunicipalEl Demócrata, Guanajuato, 7 June 1916.