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Pozos is a mining town, located in the middle of a semi-desert, with a landscape covered with mesquite trees.

we know of several series, three of which were all valid until 31 December 1915.

One (5c, 10c and 50c[image needed]).

Another (5c and 20c), also valid until 31 December 1915

Pozos 20c 2

Another more professional note (20c), also valid until 31 December 1915, was printed by the Imprenta S. Tristan, in San Diego de la Unión, some 60 kilometres distant from Pozos.

Another series was issued by agreement with the Supremo Gobierno del Estado.

Pozos 50c 2 reverse

  series from to total
10c   unnumbered      
50c A         includes numbers 876 to 1669CNBanxico #11039


These carried the names of Juan Manrique as Presidente Municipal, Ignacio García as Secretario and Genaro Mendoza as Tesorero.

Juan Manrique  
Ignacio García  
Genaro Mendoza