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Brigada Azuara

The Regimiento Antonio Reyes of the Brigada Azuara had a double connection with the district of Huejutla. Antonio Reyes Cabrera (“El Tordo”) had defended his home town against the French invaders, whilst General Antonio Azuara Sarmiento came from Motoltepec in the district. He took up arms against Huerta in Huejutla in April 1913 and, once dislodged, fought in the Constitutionalist cause and rose to General Brigadier. Azuara supported Carranza in his break with the Convention, and fought, under Pablo González, against Villa in 1915. In August 1915 he recovered Tulancingo. He was later governor of his home state.

There were three different series.

(1) a 50c and $1 note dated Huejutla, 12 January 1915. These are signed by Pedro E. López as E. M. J. D. E. M. (El Mayor Jefe de Estado Mayor) and L. Vargas as Cajero, and have the seal of the EJERCITO CONSTITUCIONALISTA - REGIMIENTO ANTONIO REYES on the reverse.

(2) a $1 and $5 dated 20 January 1915. These have the same seal but an additional signatory as cajero, Octavio A. Serna.

(3) a 50c and $1 note, undated, issued P. O. del G. en J. (Por orden del General en Jefe) and signed by D. Padilla as El Coronel y J. de la F. and S. Hernández as El Mayor Pagador.

Thus, the signatories are:

Pedro E. López sig Lopez
L. Vargas sig Vargas
Octavio A. Serna sig Serna
D. Padilla sig Padilla
S. HernándezCould be Coronel Santiago Hernández, later interim governor of Hidalgo sig Hernandez


In summary:

Date   Series from to total
12 January 1915 50c           includes number 0961
$1           includes numbers 1022CNBanxico #11205 to 1597
20 January 1915 $1 A         includes numbers 141CNBanxico #11206 to 3023
$5 A         includes numbers 220 to 962CNBanxico #4435
  50c           includes numbers 47 to 975
$1           includes numbers 387 to 906