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Convencionista issues

Hidalgo convencionista


Ixmiquilpan 50c

Ixmiquilpan 50c reverse

  from to total
50c         includes number 162CNBanxico #11208
$1         includes number 355


These Ejército Convencionista notes state that they were of forced circulation throughout the state and would be paid by the Tesorería General del Estado.


Zimapán is a mining town 125 kilometres northwest of Pachuca.

These notes were issued by the (retreating Convencionista?) Tesorería General del Estado in accordance with a decree of 31 August 1915[text needed] and were supposedly of forced circulation throughout the state. They are dated 20 September and have the stamped signature of [               ][identification needed], Secretario General del Gobierno. Some had a straight border on the face

Whilst others had a serrated border, and different design on either side of the denomination.

  series from to total
5c A         wavy line
includes number 387
$1 A         straight line
includes number 4048
        wavy line
includes numbers 7917CNBanxico #11214 to 17065
$2         straight line
includes number 9764
        wavy line
includes numbers 1644 to 3065CNBanxico #11215



Mexican Paper Money list two notes of the Brigada Méndez of the División del Norte under Tulancingo but a pencilled annotation on their reverse reads 'Lagos de Moreno, Jal.'.