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La Compañía Minera y Beneficiadora Maravillas y San Francisco

On Saturday, 24 January, some of the principal merchants of Pachuca called upon the mining companies and asked them to issue script to make up for the lack of change. The entire situation was discussed at length and after consultation with the governor, in a later meeting, eight companies decided to issue the same form of vale together. Maravillas y San Francisco subscribed for $2,000, an amount based on its requirement for four weeksAHMM, Fondo Norteamericano, vol. 41, exp. 15, Dirección General, Correspondencia, Mar 1913 – Nov 1914.

However, judging from the date printed on its notes, the company had already decided on its own design.

  Date of issue Date on note Series from to total
5c   1 February 1914            
L         includes number 4215
10c D         includes numbers 4419CNBanxico #11255 to 7876CNBanxico #4419
K         includes number 12581
20c C         includes number 13191
50c B         includes numbers 18723CNBanxico #4420 to 20920
$1 A         includes number 23425

These were signed by [             ] [identification needed] as Cajero and Arturo H. Stockdale as Gerente.

  sig Maravillas cajero
Arturo H. Stockdale sig Stockdale


On the reverse it stated that the company would redeem its notes in multiples of five pesos (La Compañía pagará este vale juntamente con otros, que sumen en total cinco pesos ó cantidad multiple de cinco pesos).

Because it had its own design the company was not effected in July when the vales of the other companies were counterfeited and had to be withdrawn.

A second issue

Maravillas 1 2

Maravillas 2 2

  Date on note Series from to total
$1   B         includes number 49503
$2   C         includes number 02003
$5   D         includes numbers 07508CNBanxico #11256 to 07512
$10   E          
$20   F          


This was a companion issue to one from the Compañía de Minas La Blanca y Anexas and would have been for five values, series B to F. These have the printed signatures of  Guillermo M. Rule and Thomas P. Honey as Consejeros on the face and of Gustavo Hernández as Secretario on the reverse.

Guillermo M. Rule  sig Maravillas consejero
Thomas P. Honey sig T Honey
Gustavo Hernández  sig Hernandez


Cheques al portador

  Date on note from to total
$5 17 May 1915         includes number 4032
$10 29 April 1915         includes number 1628CNBanxico #11257
6 June 1915         includes number 6396


TThe company also produced cheques al portador for $5 and $10 drawn on the Banco Internacional e Hipotecario de México. These were also signed by [              ] as Cajero and Arturo H. Stockdale as Gerente.

Arturo H. Stockdale   


In his August 1915 report on local issues to the Secretaría de Gobernación in Veracruz, Artuto Lazo de la Vega records that the “Blanca y Anexas”, “Maravillas y San Francisco”, “Real del Monte y Pachuca” and “San Diego”, had issued cheques for $1, $5, $10, $20 and $50 but does not know the amounts issuedAGN, Fondo Gobernación Periodo Revolucionario, caja 93, exp. 36, folletos 8 Secretario general L. de la Vega to [    ], Pachuca, 20 August 1915. In response, on 9 September the Secretaría de Gobernación replied that all these issues should be withdrawnAGN, Fondo Gobernación Periodo Revolucionario, caja 93, exp. 36, folletos 8.