The revolution in Hidalgo

The Villistas

In October 1914 the Administración Principal de la Renta del Timbre in Pachuca told the government that the sábanas were of forced circulationPeriódico Oficial del Gobierno del Estado de Hidalgo, Tomo XLVII, Núm. 78, 20 October 1914 .

From 13 February 1915 the two Chihuahuan issues were declared worthless in Hidalgo. Various mining companies were allowed to issue vales to provide the necessary small change, whilst offices were set up to exchange the notesPeriódico Oficial, 16 February 1915.

On the evening of 16 July 1915 Villistas under the command of Mayor José Kotuscey entered Pachuca and the next day Kotuscey, as Comandante Militar, advised that all notes were to be of forced circulation, whether Villista or Carrancista. However, nine days later, after fights between the factions, Kotuscey was captured by Constitutionalist forces and shot. The Constitutionalists in turn entered Pachuca and on 29 July the new Comandante Militar, General José de la Luz Romero, issued a manifesto that included that the notes known as dos caritas and revalidados altos were null and void. The dos caritas had been widespread.