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Hacienda de Huejotitan

This was owned by Francisco de la Cruz.

These were modelo 5257, produced on 27 May 1915.

H Huejotitan 10c

H Huejotitan 10c reverse

H Huejotitan 20c

H Huejotitan 20c reverse

H Huejotitan 50c

H Huejotitan 50c reverse

5c 1,000 $  50.00 round manilla cartón
10c 1,000 100.00  
20c 1,000 200.00  
50c 1,000 500.00  
  4,000 $850.00  


Haciendas “La Estrella” y “El Naranjo”

We know of at least three values (5c, 10c and 50c), all identical apart from the denomination.

Hacienda El Naranjo y Anexas

These notes, issued by the late Diego Moreno's heirs, were redeemable in infalsificables and valid for two months from their date of issue.

San Gabriel

Hacienda San Miguel

This hacienda was owned by the Compañía de Fomento y Bienes Raices de Guadalajara.

H San Miguel 10c

H San Miguel 10c reverse

H San Miguel 25c

H San Miguel 25c reverse

10c and 25c cartones are known.

Severiano Soto e hijo

At the beginning of the 20th century Severiano Soto was one of the richest men in the region, his wealth coming mainly from cattle, groceries and fabrics in San Gabriel. He had a large store called “La Exposición Universal de Severiano Soto e Hijos”, which sold, besides local products, imported goods from fabrics and wine to furniture. Severiano owned part of the Hacienda de Apulco, and the hacienda “La Guadalupe” which had been part of the hacienda de Telcampana, and which he has bought from Jacinto Cortina. He was ruined by the Revolution.

Severiano Soto 20c

Severiano Soto 20c reverseIn the Banco de México collection is a 20c note.

San Martin Hidalgo

Hacienda Labor de Medina

This hacienda was owned by Luis Terán. Two values, 1c and 20c, are known from 1915.

H Labor de Medina 1c

H Labor de Medina 1c reverse

H Labor de Medina 20c

H Labor de Medina 20c reverse

Hacienda Los Sitios

This hacienda, owned by J. Jesús Rosas, issued a similar 10c cartón in 1915.

H Los Sitios 10c

H Los Sitios 10c reverse

Hacienda Agua Caliente

José Virgen Rosas

The 1c note. on its reverse, has a violet oval handstamp. reading 'JOSE VIRGEN ROSAS. - MAY. 20 1915. - SAN MARTIN HIDALGO. JAL.'.


Hacienda de Amatitlán

This was owned by Fernando de la Peña y hermano.

These were modelo 4711, ordered on 26 March 1914.

H Amatitlan 1c

1c 1,000 $  10.00 round brown cartón
2c 1,000 20.00
5c 1,000 50.00
10c 1,000 100.00
25c 500 125.00
50c 500 250.00
  5,000 $555.00

Hacienda de Telcampana

Jacinto Cortina