Private issues (Juchitlán - San Gabriel)


J. N. Arreola

Juchitlan 5c

Juchitlan 5c reverse

Juchitlan 10c

Juchitlan 10c reverse

  series from to total
5c A         includes number 1179
10c B         includes number 282


Notes dated 15 July 1916 and valid until 30 November, in infalsificables.

Compañía Enrique Fletes / Compañía Fletes y García

Enrique Fletes 50c

Enrique Fletes 1

Enrique Fletes 1 reverse

Enrique Fletes 1 red



Comercio y Agricultores de Lagos

Lagos 5c

Lagos 5c reverse

Lagos 10c

Lagos 10c reverse

Lagos 20c

Lagos 20c reverse

  Series from to total
5c A          
D         includes number 44771CNBanxico #11406
10c J         includes number 2636CNBanxico #4594
Q         includes number 28977CNBanxico #11407
20c T         includes numbers 3548CNBanxico #4595 to 3582CNBanxico #11408


These notes are dated 1 September 1915 and on the reverse they state that they are a temporary measure (emisión transitoria) solely to facilitate making change and are of forced circulation according to an agreement[text needed] authorised by Manuel M. Dieguez. They have provision for the signature of an Interventor as well as a Presidente and Secretario.

La Huerta

Juan Gómez González

J Gomez 2


José V. Gómez

J V Gomez 10c

Teodoro Borbón

Borbon 50c

Borbon 50c reverse

Herculano García

Garcia 50c

Garcia 50c reverse

José Maqueo C.

Maqueo 50c

Maqueo 50c reverse

San Gabriel

Carlos Vizcayno e Hijo

For this issue see the Hacienda de Apulco.