The revolution in Michoacán

The Villistas

The Villistas arrived in Morelia at the end of February 1915 and José I Prieto was named governor They stayed all of March and the first eight days of April. Governor Prieto included the Ejército Constitucionalista with the Villista notes in his list of forced currency published on 4 March 1915Periódico Oficial, 7 March 1915, modified on 10 March and again on 18 March.

The Carrancistas

When the Carrancistas captured Morelia in April 1915 they published in the Periódico Oficial Obregón’s decree (dated 5 April 1915) from Celaya, Guanajuato, nullifying Villa’s acts and invalidating the paper money of Villa, the Convention and its supportersPeriódico Oficial, 29 April 1915.

On 29 December a circular (núm. 6) from the Secretario General de Gobierno of Michoacán to the Presidentes Municipales repeated circular núm. 48’s disposition that certain notes continued to be of compulsory circulation, even if they were missing the necessary resello, and that people who refused them would be punishedPeriódico Oficial, 6 January 1916.