The $1 note of the Banco de Morelos

When Huerta permitted banks to issue $1 and $2 notes the Banco de Morelos arranged for the Mexico City printer, Eduardo I. Aguilar, to produce $1 notes.

These were never delivered and were discovered, packed away in wooden crates, when the Constitutionalist authorities took over Aguilar’s printshop in September 1914 and José Campero carried out an inventory. The notes and plates were taken awayThe Mexican Herald, 29 September 1914. Apparently there were 1,200,000 Banco de Morelos notes El Liberal, Tomo I, Núm. 43, 29 September 1914.

Notes are known with series and serial numbers.

Morelos 1 D8 745098

Date of issue Date on note Series from to Consejero Gerente Interventor
  31 July 1914       Güernes Carreón