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Morelos private


San Antonio Sebastopol

Sebastopol 10c


El Lazo Mercantil

Lazo Mercantil 10c

A 10c and 20c note.

Casa Argote

Casa Argote 20c

The “Casa Argote” produced coffee and chocolate of, according to this note, high quality. This is described as a gift ticket (boleto de obsequio) and states that every fifty tickets collected the holder would receive a nice gift (por cada $10.00 que junta Ud. de boletos se le hará un bonito obsequio). However, it might have been used as a substitute for cash.

San José Vista Hermosa

Hacienda de San José Vista Hermosa

The Hacienda de San José Vista Hermosa dates all the way back to the conquistador Hernán Cortés. In 1820 it was bought by Manuel Vicente Vidal, whose family owned it until 1910, when they were driven out by General Emiliano Zapata. By the end of the revolution it was in ruins, but was bought and restored in 1945 as a hotel.

San Jose 10c

San Jose 10c reverse

San Jose 50c

San Jose 50c reverse

San Jose 1

San Jose 1 reverse

  from to total
50c         includes number 1415
$1         includes number 5340


Four values (5c, 10c, 50c and $1) printed by the Mexico City firm of Eduardo I. Aguilar. They are dated 10 March 1914 and carry the printed signatures of Manuel [   ] de la [   ][identification needed] as Administrator and Feder[             ][identification needed] as Cajero.



The legend on the reverse states that they were exchangeable for cash in multiples of ten pesos. It also refers to “the hacienda whose name appears on the front” which suggests that Aguilar produced similar notes for other haciendas.


Hacienda de Tenango

Tenango 1 1

Tenango 1 1 reverse

Tenango 1 2

Tenango 1 2 reverse

Tenango 1 3

Tenango 1 3 reverse

Tenango 1 4

  date on note from to total
signed by  
$1 24 January 1914         José Jaimes includes numbers 64CNBanxico #5418 to 169CNBanxico #11672
15 March 1914         Alfredo López includes numbers 424CNBanxico #5420 to 492CNBanxico #5419
21 March 1914         J. Rosales includes number 292CNBanxico #11674