Lampazos is a town 150 kilometres north of Monterrey.

It produced a 50c note, dated 1 February 1914

and a 5c note from the Tesorería Municipal, dated [  ] March 1914.

  date on note series from to total
5c [  ] March 1914 E         includes number 114
50c 1 February 1914 A         includes number 96CNBanxico #11750


The notes have the signatures of [  ] Sánchez[identification needed] as Jefe de Armas, Fortunato Zuazua as Alcalde and F. Caetaño as Tesorero.

[  ] Sánchez  sig Sanchez

ZuazuaFortunato Zuazua Zertuche was born in Lampazos on 21 December 1890, of a distinguished local family. He fought for Madero in 1910 and against Orozco in 1912. In 1913 he was in Pablo González’ forces and collaborated with Lucio Blanco in taking Matamoros, Tamaulipas. He also joined Blanco in dividing out the Hacienda de Borregos. He then served under Cesáreo Castro and, as a loyal Carrrancista, fought Villismo, first with Francisco Murguía in the Bajío and Coahuila and then with Jacinto B. Treviño in Chihuahua. On 16 June 1915 he was made a General de brigada. He was commander of the garrison in Mexico City in 1920 when Carranza fled to Veracruz.

He was elected governor of his state in 1935 but the election was annulled. The next year he stood again but was defeated. He retired from politics and died in Temple, Texas, where he had gone for his health, on 19 December 1938.

sig Zuazua
F. Caetaño sig Caetaño