Oaxaca Tlaxiaco

Tlaxiaco is a town located in the south of the Mixteca region where Davila set up his government when driven from the state capital.

On 26 June, Davila issued 10,000 50c cartones, authorized by a decree of 24 June and signed by Tesorero C. Pachumal (the Contador on the Nochixtlán notes), and Accountant (Contador) Y. Ultraste(?).

Tlaxiaco 50c

Tlaxiaco 50c reverse

This is the last of the Davila government issues. Typeset and printed in black on light weight tan card, it was finished with handstamped signatures on the face and a brown-red serial number. There is usually a violet treasury seal on the back (inverted, lower left comer). Early notes (00301 is the earliest recorded so far) seem to lack the treasury seal. All are Series F, as a continuation from previous issues. 09905 is the highest serial number I have recorded so far.

In May 1916 Félix Díaz, nephew of the late Porfirio Díaz, arrived to begin his counter-revolution under the guise of the Ejército Reorganizador Nacional. His first objective in July was to capture the state capital but he was utterly routed.