Municipal issues

Puebla municipalWe know of four issues, from two different ends of the state.


Pahuatlan 1c


Huauchinango 5c

Huauchinango 10c

Huauchinango 50c

Huauchinango 1


Chielta 5c 1

Chielta 5c 1 reverse

Chietla 10c 1

Chietla 10c 1 reverse

Chietla 50c 1

Chietla 50c 1 reverse

Chietla 1 1

Chietla 1 1 reverse

Second issue

Chielta 5c 2

Chielta 5c 2 reverse

Chielta 20c 2

Chielta 20c 2 reverse

Chielta 50c 2

Chielta 50c 2 reverse

The stamp on the reverse of some notes reads REPUBLICA MEXICANA - BRIGADA AGUSTIN CORTES, the same stamp as applied to the Brigada's own issue, from Matamoros, in July 1915.

Chielta 1 2

Chielta 1 2 reverse

Izúcar de Matamoros

One set of notes, printed on green card, has a 'bamboo border', and the denomination in heavy type. 

Matamoros 5c 1

Matamoros 5c 1 reverse

Matamoros 10c 1

Matamoros 10c 1 reverse

5c B
10c B
20c B


A similiar set, all printed on green card, also has a 'bamboo' border, and red numbering but the denomination in lighter type. The name of the Presidente Municipal is misspelt as Darguet  which suggests that these are all counterfeit.

Matamoros 1c 1

Matamoros 1c 1 reverse

Matamoros 2c 1

Matamoros 2c 1 reverse

Matamoros 20c 1

Matamoros 20c 1 reverse

Matamoros 1 1

Matamoros 1 1 reverse

1c C
2c C
20c A
25c A
$1 B


Another set has a flowery border, and red numbering.

Matamoros 2c 2

Matamoros 2c 2 reverse

Matamoros 5c 2

Matamoros 5c 2 reverse

Matamoros 10c 2

Matamoros 10c 2 reverse

Matamoros 20c 2

Matamoros 20c 2 reverse

Matamoros 25c 2

Matamoros 25c 2 reverse

Matamoros 25c 2 blue

Matamoros 25c 2 blue reverse

Matamoros 50c 2

Matamoros 50c 2 reverse

Matamoros 1 2

Matamoros 1 2 reverse

2c C red card
5c B red card
10c B red card
20c B merigold card
25c A grape card
B ocean card
50c B pear card
$1 B peach card


Another issue seem to have ben all Series A, with a square border and black numbering.

Matamoros 2c 3

Matanoros 2c 3 reverse

Matamoros 10c 3

Matamoros 10c 3 reverse

Matamoros 20c 3

Matamoros 20c 3 reverse

Matamoros 50c 3

Matamoros 50c 3 reverse

2c A peach card
10c A red card
20c A merigold card
50c A pear card


A similar set, with red numbering and a simple eagle seal on the reverse, appears counterfeit.

Matamoros 1c 4

Matamoros 1c 4 reverse

Matamoros 2c 4

Matamoros 2c 4 reverse

Matamoros 5c 4

Matamoros 5c 4 reverse

Matamoros 10c 4

Matamoros 10c 4 reverse

Matamoros 20c 4

Matamoros 20c 4 reverse

Matamoros 50c 4

Matamoros 50c 4 reverse

1c F  
2c E  
5c D  
10c C  
20c B  
50c A  


Chiaulta de Tapia

On 23 February 1915 Juan Miniver, the Presidente Municipal of Chiaulta de Tapia wrote to Emiliano Zapata asking permission to issue a series of vales. Local businessmen Jesús M. Mentado, Herminio González, José E. Aguilar and Rafael Flores would issue up to $500 in notes of 5c, 10c, 20c, 25c, 50c and 75c., authorised and stamped by the Presidencia Municipal and redeemable in any of their businesses. The request was refusedAGN, Fondo Emiliano Zapata, caja 6, exp. 1, f 42.