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Private issues

Puebla privatesHoney

Julio Hernández

Honey is a town, now in Puebla but touching the state line with Hidalgo. This $1 note, issued by Julio Hernández in June 1915 because of a lack of $1 notes, is payable in Pahuatlán, a town located in the northwest of the state and bordering the states of Hidalgo and Veracruz.

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$1         includes numbers 152 to 425


This note is signed by [             ] Muñoz[identification needed].

[          ] Muñoz sig Munoz


Cía. Mexicana de Luz y Fuerza Motriz

Necaxa 1

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$1         includes number 7236


The Compañía Mexicana de Luz y Fuerza Motriz (Mexican Light & Power Company Limited) was organized in 1902 with a capital of 25m dollars and in 1903 was granted a concession to exploit the falls and build a hydroelectric plant on the Río Necaxa to serve Mexico City and the mining centres of El Oro and Pachuca.

Because of an interruption in communications in early 1915 the company had to resort to its own paper currency. This constancia promises to pay the bearer, at its offices, in legal tender, the amount of $1 owed as wages, as soon as the railway traffic with Mexico City was reestablished. It is dated 15 May 1915 and has the signatures of M. A. [         ][identification needed] as local cashier, I. T[               ][identification needed] as superintendent and [            ][identification needed] as [           ](Tom. de Tiempo).

  sig Necaxa 1
  sig Necaxa 2
  sig Necaxa 3


Luis Cabrera

Huauchinango is a city in the far north of the state. The politician Luis Cabrera came from nearby Zacatlán.

Cabrera 1

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$1 A         includes number 000388


These are signed by Rafael Moreno.

Rafael Moreno sig Cabrera


Zacatlán is another city in the Sierra Norte.

Caja de Comercio

The Caja de Comercio de Zacatlan issued a $1 note, dated October 1915, with the authorization of the Cuartel General of the third División de Oriente and so of forced circulation within the District.

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$1         includes number 2578


The notes were signed by A. Cano and Miguel Alvarez.

A. Cano sig Zacatlan 1
Miguel Alvarez sig Zacatlan 2

Tetela de Ocampo

Tetela de Ocampo is a town in the Sierra Norte region of the state.

Caja de Comercio

The Caja de Comercio de Tetela issued a series of notes dated 26 December 1914.

Tetela 5c

Tetela 20c

  Series from to total
5c A         includes number 722
20c C         includes number 1599
50c C         includes number 3383


Tetela 50c

Tetela 50c

An ornate 50c note dated 20 June 1915


Hotel Francia

Francia 5c

Francia 10c

Francia 20c

“La Constancia”

Constancia 10c 1

Constancia 10c

Constancia 10c 2

Constancia 20c

Constancia 20c 1

Constancia 50c 1

Constancia 50c

It is not known whether these notes, which on the face of it are vouchers given out with purchases, to be redeemed once one had saved $25, were ever used as fractional currency. To be certain we would require some official or unofficial authorization or some contemporary reference, such as a newspaper item or inclusion in Casarola's exposition.

Nor is it known whether the differences in design had any significance.

"La Invencible"

In April 1916 the propietor of La Invencible restaurant put out a notice that they would not accept the vales with the restaurant seal with her name, Margarita Luna Vda. de Jiménez, and of Delfino L. Jiménez since some had been stolenEl Constitucional, Puebla, Tomo I, Núm. 171, 20 April 1916.

Circulo Espanol

Circulo 5c

Circulo 5c reverse

Circulo 10c

Circulo 20c

Circulo 20c reverse

  Series from to total
5c A 1       includes number 887
10c B 1       includes number 831CNBanxico #11926 
20c C 1       includes numbers 111 to 456CNBanxico #6615


Puebla had a large Spanish contingent. The Circulo Español was established in October 1910 to offer the youth of the city “instruction and recreation” and occupied premises on the corner of Avenida de la Reforma and 5 de Mayo.

There is little indication that these were used as currency but they have been listed in catalogues since Gaytan's.

San José Chiapa

Hacienda Ozumba

Hacienda Ozuma

The hacienda Ozumba, which lies between San Juan de los Llanos and Chalchicomula, produced cereals, raised pigs, and had access to extensive pastures. During the years of the Revolution, the employees complained about the payment of wages with paper money (though this might not have been specific to or produced by the hacienda). During this time the management of the hacienda had reason to fear for the safety of the money sent to the farm for weekly payments.


Tienda de Metepec

Metepec 5c

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5c         includes number 30915


The catalogue list a 5c cartón from this store. Metepec is part of Atlixco. Is this right, or is it the Metepec in Estado de México?


“La Favorita”

Favorita 5c

Favorita 5c reverse

This is a 20c Gobierno Provisional de México cartón overprinted with a new denomination of 5c and, on the face, in red, the legend "LA FAVORITA" / ABARROTES / ACATLAN.

One scenario is that the grocery store itself would not have been responsible for the devaluation/revaluation, which will have been an official overprint in the short window between the beginning of June 1916 when Carranza informed the governors of various states that the Gobierno Provisional de México notes should be accepted at a rate of $4 Gobierno Provisional as one peso infalsificableCEHM, Fondo XXI-4 and the circular núm. 102 of 10 June that sets the exchange rate at ten for one. As such, the overprint will not have restricted the potential circulation and so this is not, strictly, a private issue.

Amother scenario is that, at a later date, the store found itself with a load of useless cartones and used them as a limited, private currency.


Tehuacán is the second largest city in the state, nestled in the Southeast Valle de Tehuacán, bordering the states of Oaxaca and Veracruz.

Corporación Mercantil

The Corporación Mercantil de Tehuacán issued a series of notes (5c, 10c, 20c, dated 25 February 1915, and 50c) only for use locally.

Tehuacan 5c

Tehuacan 50c

  Series from to total
5c B         includes number 3365
10c C         includes number 1301 to 8797CNBanxico #5948 
20c B         includes numbers 17358
50c A         includes number 2149


The 50c carries the signatures of [                  ][identification needed] as Interventor, [                  ][identification needed] as Tesorero and [                  ][identification needed] as [                      ].

  sig Tehuacan 1
  sig Tehuacan 2
  sig Tehuacan 3

Luis G. Contreras

A 2c note[image needed].