Other military issues

Los Mochis

4o. Batallón, Regimiento de Sinaloa

A cream pasteboard  with ‘4/o. Batallón Reg. de Sinaloa / Este Comandancia pagará / al portador la cantidad de: / $.5.00 CINCO PESOS. / Los Conchis, Sin. Julio 14/94/ P. El Coronel Jefe del B. / El Teniente Ayudante.’ and handwritten signature of [ ] Mazzarino.


A typewritten voucher, 'Vale por $5.00 CINCO PESOS', dated 6 July 1914, issued by the paymaster of the brigade commanded by General Macario Gaxiola. This appear to come from the time that the Constitucionalists were besieging Mazatlán.

Maclovio Herrera

On 10 October 1914 Carranza wrote to Mariano Arrieta, in Mazatlán, telling him to tell José de la Luz Herrera that he (Carranza) had authorised Maclovio Herrera to issue a million pesos in notes or vales (billetes o vales por valor) for his forces’ expenses. He had likewise given Domingo Arrieta permission to issue a similar amount for his troops. The notes that Herrera and Arrieta issued would be exchanged for Constitutionalist notes that Carranza was going to sendAHDN., XI/481.5/96 Caja 43.

By this time Maclovio Herrera had come down on Carranza’s side in the conflict with Villa and was holed up in the Sierra Madre with a few men before moving towards Veracruz, so he might not have needed a million pesos.