Signatories of the Banco de Tabasco


Luis Dorbecker

Dorbecker took up his post on 3 January 1901report of interventor Luis Dorbecker, 5 July 1901, in Memorias de las Instituciones de Crédito correspondientes á los años 1900-1902, vol. I

sig Dorbecker


J. Rodríguez

Rodríguez, the Gerente on the 1901 issues, appears on some 1903 notes as a Consejero as he later joined the board. 

sig Rodriguez
Teodoro Abaunza sig Abaunza


José A. Búlnes  sig Bulnes
Bartolomé Estades  sig Estades
José González Lamadrid sig Lamadrid
Juan Ripoll y Deyá sig Ripoll

Miguel Ripoll Deyá

The casa comercial of M. Ripoll y Cía was on the corner of Constitución y 1ra de Grivalja.

sig Consejero s
Manuel Romero sig Romero
Rafael Sevilla C. sig Sevilla
Manuel Suárez González sig Gonzalez
José García Trueba's estalishment was on the corner of Juárez and Reforma. sig Consejero m
Policarpo ValenzuelaPolicarpo Valenzuela Yera was born at San Antonio de Cárdenas, Tabasco, on 26 January 1831. He was an important businessman making a fortune out of the exploitation of large areas of forest land, including control of the waterways that were used to transport harvested trees. He was interim governor of Tabasco on two occasions (12 March – 5 April 1886, 21 – 23 March 1887) and elected Constitutional Governor in December 1910 for the period 1911 – 1914, though he renounced the office on 9 June 1911 after only six months, because of pressure from the revolutionaries.
He died in San Juan Bautista, Tabasco on 4 January 1914.
sig P Valenzuela
Nicolas ValenzuelaNicolás P. Valenzuela was the son of Policarpo Valenzuela. sig N Valenzuela