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La Pagaduría de la División del Suroeste

Listed in catalogues is a black on grey 5c note, from Frontera, Tabasco, dated 16 March 1915[image needed]. There are also these small notes for 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c and $1, issued in accordance with a decree of 16 March 1915[text needed], currently catalogued as from Guerrero.

Suroeste 1 reverse

  Series from to total



5c B          
10c A          
50c A         includes numbers 4464 to 5907CNBanxico #11117
$1 A         includes numbers 1122 to 5819CNBanxico #11118 

Battalón Irregular Numero Treinta

Also currently catalogued as from Guerrero are a 20c note 'Garantizados por el Jefe de las operaciones del Sur'[image needed] and two types of $1 notes.

Battalon Irregular 1 1

Battalon Irregular 1 2