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Papel moneda

These notes arose from a forced loan of $12,000 made on the major merchants and property owners in San Juan Bautista by General Manuel Díaz de la Vega. During the French intervention Díaz was appointed governor of Tabasco by the Imperial Regency to replace Eduardo González Arévalo, who had been unable to resist the local Liberal army and was besieged with the French army in San Juan Bautista. Díaz arrived on 18 January 1864, and his men fought hand to hand and street to street until 27 February when the Republican retook control of the city.

The notes were authorised by a decree[text needed] dated [                ]AHDN, xi/481.4/9536, 5 February 1864, f. 255. Of the $12,000 demanded, half was to be paid in currency, and half in 'papel moneda' which the government would allow to circulate. The government would collect the paper currency and repay the lenders within six months. The list of businesses and their assessment wasLa Sociedad, 6 March 1984:

Juan Ruiz $ 1,700
Miguel Payró 1,300
Ramón Boix 1,300
Romano Hermanos 1,000
José Julián Dueñas 1,000
J. Rondan y Compañía 1,000
Nicanor Paniagua 600
Angel Ghigliazza 600
Juan Sanchez Roca 600
Welsh, Allen y Compañía 600
Francisco S. Balboa 500
González y Gutiérrez 200
Nicolás Calacich 200
José Sainz Pardo 150
Señora Viuda de R. de la Peña 150
Manuel Manegat 150
Pedro Sánchez y Compañía 150
Evaristo Trujillo 80
Miguel Lomasto 80
Gutiérrez y Glori 70
Francisco Loul 60
Juan Royna 60
García y Cueva 60
Miguel Olive 60
José L. Priego 60
Riera y Beverino 50
Francisco Clemente 50
Bonifacio Ramírez 50
Felipe Alfaro 40
Juan Barba 40
Antonio Noriega 40


Not surprisingly, given the circumstances, these have a very simple design with the legend 'Papel moneda. / VALE UN PESO' inside a frame, and were personalised with a signature,  handstamp(s) and occasionally a number.

Known issuers included:

Juan Ruiz 1with handstamp of JUAN RUIZ - TABASCO and signature of Juan Ruiz

Juan Ruiz sig Juan Ruiz


Papel moneda 3

with a handstamp "RAMON BOIX – TABASCO." and signature of Juan Oliver.

Juan Oliver sig Oliver


papel moneda 7

papel moneda 7 reverse

Nicanor Paniagua

He died in San Juan Bautista on 27 June 1877El Organo de los Estados, Año I, Núm. 61, 20 July 1877.

sig Paniagua


Papel moneda 4

with a square stamp, a round "A.G." and signature of Angel Ghigliazza.

Angel Ghigliazza sig Paniagua


with a handstamp "SANCHEZ HERMANOS  - TABASCO." and signature of Juan Sánchez Roca.

Juan Sánchez Roca, a major capitalist in the state, was the father of Juan Sánchez Azcona. sig Sanchez Roca


Papel moneda 8

with handstamp "RAMON BOIX - TABASCO" and signature of Juan Ruiz on behalf of Welsh, Allen y Ca.

Juan Ruiz sig Ruiz


Papel moneda 6

with handstamps "M. M. C." and "[  ]CO" and signature Manuel Manegat p.p. Luis Manegat.

Manuel Manegat was a Spanish businessman. sig Manegal


In summary

  issuer from to


$1 Juan Ruiz    
Juan Oliver         includes numbers [ ]12 to 326
Nicanor Paniagua     300 300  
Angel Ghigliazza  1  300 300 300 includes numbers 96 to 235CNBanxico #6751
Juan Sánchez Roca     300 300  
Welsh, Allen y Compañía 1 300 300 300 includes number 55
Manuel Manegat 1 75 75 75 includes number 57


There is a reference to Díaz decreeing the circulation of $2,104 in promissory notes, which the city merchants were forced to acceptAHDN, D/481.4/9536, 19 February 1864, f. 274, which might indicate the total value of papel moneda issued.

Again, given the circumstances, we can presume that these were short-lived and probably not redeemed.