Papel moneda

These notes were issued around 1870 by various merchants in Tabasco. They have a very simple design with the legend 'Papel moneda. / VALE UN PESO' inside a frame, and were personalised with a signature,  handstamp(s) and occasionally a number.

Issuers included:

Papel moneda 6
(a) M. M. C. / Manuel y Luis Manegal

papel moneda 7

papel moneda 7 reverse

(b) Nicanor Paniagua (who died in 1877)

(c) JUAN RUIZ – TABASCO / J. Juan Ruiz

Papel moneda 4
(d) A. G. / A, Ghigliazza

Papel moneda 3

(e) RAMON [     ] – TABASCO / Juan Oliver

(f) SANCHEZ HERMANOS  - TABASCO / Juan Sánchez Roca.

Juan Sánchez Roca, a major capitalist in the state, was the father of Juan Sánchez Azcona.