The revolution in Tepic

On 23 December 1915 Subsecretario de Hacienda Rafael Nieto reminded the Administrador de Rentas, A. G. Guzmán, that according to circular núm. 48 holders of sábanas and dos caritas, among others, had to hand them in to the Jefatura de Hacienda or Administracion Principal de Timbre in exchange for a receipt. On 19 January 1916 Guzmán told Mexico City that they had not yet received copies of the circular and therefore holders had missed the deadline of 31 December. On 22 January Nieto extended the deadline to 31 January, but on 29 January Guzmán asked for a further extension until the end of February, which was agreed by the Secretario de Hacienda, Luis Cabrera, on 2 FebruaryEl Bien Público, 5 February 1916.