Tesorerías Municipales

Tepic municipalVarious municipal treasuries issued notes to address a shortage of small change. From their similarities of design and the proximity of locations they probably are all from the same timeframe and the occasional datestamp are from June 1915


Ahuacatlán is located in the southeastern part of the state of Nayarit and has boundaries with Jala and Ixtlán del Río.

A series of 1c, 5c, 25c and 50c

Ahuacatlan 5c

Ahuacatlan 5c reverse

Ahuacatlan 25c

Ahuacatlan 25c red

Ahuacatlan 50c


One series
Ixtlan 5c

Another series

Ixtlan 10c 2

Ixtlan 10c 2 reverse

and another

Ixtlan 10c

Ixtlan 50c 2

A series subtitled Proveedurías Públicas (Public Procurement)

Ixtlan 20c 3

Ixtlan 50c 3

Another series of 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c

Ixtlan 5c 4

Ixtlan 5c 4 reverse

Ixtlan 10c 4

Ixtlan 20c 4

Ixtlan 20c 4 reverse

Ixtlan 50c 4

Ixtlan 50c 4 reverse


1c and 2c

Jala 1c

Jala 2c

and 50c

Jala 50cColección Numismática Banxico #5434