Gobierno Provisional de México Veracruz $10 notes

All are Series C and dated 1 December 1914. All have imprint 'MEXICO OFICINA DEL GOBIERNO', title 'EL O. M. ENCARGADO DEL SRIA. DE HACIENDA', and underprint Type 2.

(1) The first have an italic “NO” before serial numbers, and small '10' in the right-hand guilloche.

Veracruz 10 C 36905

Veracruz 10 C 36905 reverse

(2) The next have a Roman “NO” before serial numbers, and small ‘10’.

(3) The next have suffix “D” after serial number, large ‘10’ in the guilloche.

Veracruz 10 C 4973655

Veracruz 10 C 4973655 reverse

In León, which did not have an Oficina de Resello, in March 1916 certain businesses refused to receive $10 notes because they did not have this 'D'. However, the local newspaper pointed out that the majority of revalidated notes did not have this ‘D’Las Noticias, Edición Local de “El Demócrata” de México, Tomo I, Núm. 32, 29 March 1916.

(4) The next have a large ‘10', no suffix after serial number

Veracruz 10 C 3379083

Veracruz 10 C 3379083 reverse

Anastasio Rojas, in his report, records that up to 30 April 1915 the Oficina Impresora de Billetes in Veracruz had printed 1,626,000 $10 notes (41,000 in December 1914, 385,000 in February, 224,000 in March and 976,000 in April). The “Marinoni” press had produced 307,500 notes and 9,352 notes were still in the office (listed in Folio y Corte). This left 1,057,148 notes to make up the decreed sum of $30,000,000CEHM, Fondo-XXI, carpeta 39, legajo 4265.

Date of issue Date on note Series from to Comment
  1 December 1914 C