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Teocelo de Díaz

Teocelo is located 20 kilometres from Jalapa and is bordered by Ixhuacán, Xico and Coatepec.

In 1898 it received the title of city and the name Teocelo de Díaz but by decree of 15 October 1914 the city’s name was changed to Teocelo (a change not reflected on these notes).

Several different private issues, mostly for 50c, have survived. They claim that they were to address an issue of short change and were to be exchanged only for banknotes in multiples of five pesos (ESTOS VALES SUPLEN AL NUMERARIO; POR CONSIGUIENTE SOLO SERAN CAMBIADOS POR BILLETES DE BANCO NO MENORES DE CINCO PESOS). Later issues, in 1915, have an additional rubric ‘Estos vales son puramente transitorios y solo para las necesidades de Teocolo’.

La Ciudad de México

A store owned by Francisco J. Vanda issued 50c note, dated 20 June 1914.

Ciudad de Mexico 50c

  date on note from to total
50c 20 June 1914         includes numbers 91CNBanxico #12318 to 914


Francisco J. Vanda  


This must have had official authorization[text needed] as it was exempted from the requirement to carry revenue stamps (SIN TIMBRES POR DECRETO DEL GOBIERNO).

We also know of a 2c vale.

Ciudad de Mexico 2c

Vicente Sánchez Rebolledo y Hermano

This company issued several series of 50c and $1 notes.

Rebolledo 50c B2

Rebolledo 50c B2 reverse

Rebolledo 50c B11

Rebolledo 50c B11 reverse

Rebolledo 50c C11

Rebolledo 1

Rebolledo 1 reverse

  date on note Series from to total
50c 9 May 1914 B-2  0001       includes number 0072
8  August 1914 B-11         includes number 940
23 January 1915 B-2          
B-9         includes number 351CNBanxico #12319
B-15         includes number 133
24 January 1915 C-11         includes number 0643
$1 8 April 1914 A         includes number 298
16 January 1915 A-2         includes number 0323

Luis Cabrera Rebolledo

Cabrera 50c

  series from to total
50c A         includes numbers 1864 and 2877CNBanxico #12320


We know of a 50c note dated 25 February 1915.

Luis Cabrera Rebolledo owned a coffee mill (beneficio de café) popularly known as "La Maquinaria". He also set up a banking houseThe cajero was Manuel Montalvo and contador Raymundo Morales (on the corner of calle Abasolo and calle Independencia) which provided loans to coffee producers. He lived on calle de San Luis (today calle Benito Juárez) in a house that was destroyed by earthquake on 3 January 1920 which killed his wife and children.  

Miguel Andrade

Andrade 2c

Andrade 50c

  date on note from to total
50c [ ]0 March 1915         includes numbers 212CNBanxico #12312 and 282

María Antonia M. Vda. de Soto

de Soto 50c

  date on note series from to total
50c  15 May 1915 A         includes number 0286

Darío Méndez Sánchez

Mendez 1c