Counterfeit $5 Comisión Reguladora notes

Sometime in January 1915 Adolfo Trujillo, a linotypist in the “Gamboa Guzman” printing press, owned by Luis Rosado Vega, noticed that a packet of $5 notes that Ildefonso Gutiérrez had brought back had been left at the office window, and taking advantage of Gutiérrez and Rosado Vega’s momentary lack of attention, took out ten, then made a seal, stamped the notes and used them for purchases.



Trujillo was fined $136 for the crime of forging a sello or contraseñaAY, Fondo: Justicia, Sección: Juzgado de tercera instancia de lo Criminal, Serie Penal, vol. 25, exp. 36.