Counterfeit $10 dos caritas Type 1



One obvious counterfeit $10 comes from the ´Symmetrical School´. The original plates had no signatures, not even Chao's, on the face and the right-hand arrows on the face and baseline on the reverse have been 'corrected'.

This may be the counterfeit Series D notes mention in CoahuilaACOAH, Fondo Siglo XX, 1914, caja 8, folleto 4, exp. 13 that had the following details (though there is less difference in the 'X's than in the other comments):



The [top of the righthand] Roman numeral ‘X’ is separated


The [top of the righthand] ‘X’ is completely closed


The end of the ‘Z’ in ‘DIEZ’ is rounded


The lower part of the ‘Z’ in ‘DIEZ’ is straight



The ‘E’ of ‘El’ is less acute and has a (desviada) shadow at one of its ends


The centre frame has an extra half star with two points


The centre frame has no particular

The seal and serial numbers are litographed The seal and serial numbers are ferrotype

Other details are:

Chao's signature printed as part of design Chao's signature

'El Estado'scroll touches portraits

Scroll further from portraits


Madero portrait Type 2


Madero portrait Type 5


González portrait Type 2


González portrait Type 5


Right hand arrows point right


Right hand arrows point left


Top border


Top border



Sky above Palace has less detail


shield flows