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Private issues (others)

Baños de los Arquitos

Arquitos 25cBaños del Factor

Factor 20c

This was opened in February 1885 at 2a calle del Factor 6. A 5c vale from this bathhouse was included in Casasola's exposition

Baños del Harem

Harem 10c

Harem 10c reverse

Harem 20c

Harem 20c reverse

Baños del Harem adrun by J. Fernández y Cía.

Billares Gillow

billares gillowThis pool hall was set up in early 1911 in the basement of the hotel of the same name, with entrances on Avenida Isabel la Católica and Avenida 5 de MayoEl Imparcial, 7 March 1911. It was run by Santoyo Picazo y Cía.

Gillow 5c

Gillow 5c reverse

Gillow 10c

Gillow 10c reverse

Gillow 20c

Gillow 20c reverse

A 5c note was included in Casasola's exposition

Casino de la Unión Filarmonica

A series of identical notes in three denominations (5c, 10c, 20c)[images needed].

Compañía Exportadora de Petróleo Mexicano, S. A.
(Mexican Petroleum Export Co. Ltd.)

This company’s offices, in 1916, were at 3a Capuchinas, no. 63 in Mexico City.

Among the archives that were thrown into landfill by the new owners of the American Bank Note Company was correspondence from 1915-1916 on notes for the Mexican Petroleum Export Co. Ltd ABNC, 40241.00. This might have been for a proposed (and possibly effected) issue of notes, to be used to pay workers and suppliers, during the Revolution.

Dulcería “La Moderna”

Run by José Balsells

La Moderna 25c

La Moderna 25c reverse


Dulcería y Pastelería “La Victoria”

This was located at Avenida Pino Suarez 34 and run by Pedro Paytuvi.

La Victoria 25c

La Victoria 50c

  from to total
25c         includes number 465
50c         includes number 484

El Lazo Mercantil

Two series. One (5c, 10c and 20c) with the name Palomo y González.

El Lazo Mercantil 5c

El Lazo Mercantil 5c reverse

El Lazo Mercantil 10c

El Lazo Mercantil 10c reverse

Another (5c, 10c and 20c)[images needed] with the advertising slogan "Tomen Cognac Gautier".

El Vaso de Leche

A shop mentioned in July 1915 as having issued valesEl Combate, Tomo I, Núm. 20, 7 July 1915.

Farmacía y Droguería “Colon”

A 50c note dated 31 June 1915[image needed].

F. G. McCann y Cía.

10c and 20c notes[images needed].

Hotel Palacio

Palace Hotel

Hotel Palacio 10c

  from to total
10c         includes number 329CNBanxico #12316 to 345


The Moctezuma Orizaba, that has no rivals, is a beer.

“La Abeja”

La Abeja 5c

La Casa Gratuita, S. A.

La Casa Gratuita 5c

La Casa Gratuita 5c reverse

La Casa Gratuita 10c

La Casa Gratuita 10c reverse

La Casa Gratuita 15c

La Casa Gratuita 15c reverse

La Casa Gratuita 25c

La Casa Gratuita 25c reverse

La Casa Gratuita 50c

La Casa Gratuita 50c reverse

La Casa Gratuita 1

La Casa Gratuita 1 reverse

La Casa Gratuita 2

La Casa Gratuita 2 reverse

La Casa Gratuita 5

La Casa Gratuita 5 reverse

Though the text on the reverse claims that these have value (ES DINERO) $50 worth of these coupons entitled the holder to one ticket in a lottery of/for the Casa Gratuita (Free House). The wining number would be the same as that for the major prize in the National Lottery.

The Excelsior Shoe Factory

The Excelsior Shoe Factory (Fábrica de Calzado “Excelsior” y Anexas, S. A.) was located on the corner of present calles Benjamin Hill and Carlos B. Zetina (named after the man who founded Excelsior in 1902 who later became a senator, as well as presidential candidate) in the Tacubaya district of Mexico City.

It was a giant undertaking with, as its notes proclaim, a capital of $2,000,000. It issued a series of notes (1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c and 50c) dated 15 May 1914.

"La Primavera"

La Primavera 50c

La Popular

A 10c note[image needed] from a store located at Palma and 5 de Mayo.

"La Protectora"

La Protectora 10c

La Protectora 10c reverse

La Providencia"

La Providencia 10c

Lazaro Petrides Tabaquería

A 5c note[image needed] from a tobacconist, situated at Avenida San Francisco 8.


A cinema

Parisiana 10c

Parisiana 10c reverse

Parisiana 20c

Again, these seem unlikely, but confirmation comes from the fact that they were included in a display of vales photographed by Casasola in c. 1914

Peluquería de Los Baños de San Agustín

A 30c note[image needed] from a barber's shop.

Peluquería Imperio

A 10c note[image needed] from another barber's shop, run by Fructuoso Vallecillo.

Salon Rojo

A 20c note[image needed] from a cinema, run by J. Granat.

Teatro "El Alcazar"

El Alcazar July 1909 1

El Alcazar July 1909 2

A 10c note.

The Jersey Dairy Association. S. A.

Jersey 20c

Jersey 20c reverse

20c and 50c notes.



Althogh this one appears implausible, Gaytan records it, and states that the Y.M.C.A. was on the corner of Balderas and Morelos.