Gobierno Convencionista

These state that they were Issued in accordance with a decree given in Mexico City on 1 July 1915. As the Conventionists were driven out of the capital by Pablo González and his troops on    July, they are dated Toluca on 16 August 1915. They carry the facsimile signatures of Luis Zubiría y Campa as Ministro de Hacienda and Enrique Liñeiro as Tesorero de la Federación.

Ironically, on 16 August Luis Zubiría y Campa, in Toluca, listed the issues that the Convention deemed of forced circulation, but these obviously had not yet been issued.

There were two designs: the second had the number "620" and "001" in the ovals on the reverse.

Convencionista 50c detail 1


Convencionista 50c detail 2

simple design


with 620 and 001

These notes bear a striking similarity to a subsequent issue of $5 notes that the Convention made in Cuernacaca in October 1915.